Houston Texas Ride Share Rentals

Hello, my name is Robert Danger Byrd and I created Cooler Cars LLC to help rideshare drivers in Houston Texas earn. Did you know that a full time rideshare driver can earn $1,500 a week? Would you like to drive, but have no car? We can help!

We provide cars for rideshare drivers driving for Uber, Lyft, food and package delivery services. You don’t need credit, can pay daily with no long term contracts and can pickup your car today!

We operate a fleet of late model, well maintained, reliable vehicles that look, feel and drive like new. With us you get a clean problem free vehicle so you can drive more, earn more, and have more comfortable guests who tip more and leave better reviews.

Jasmine, of of our lovely Hyundai Sonata rideshare rentals.

Our entire program is designed to keep you on the road and earning, and if there are problems, we have a convenient and professional contracted garage in place so you can get back on the road quickly, but rest assured problems are rare.

Oil changes are included at 7,000 mile intervals with a simple drop in program that bills to our account so no hassles with you paying for an oil change or maintenance and waiting for us to reimburse you.

Our cars all have road hazard policy at Discount tire, so flats and tire damage are covered.

All cars are equipped with a back seat high power USB 3.0 rapid multi charger for your guests to encourage higher tips.

We also provide a magnetic phone mount and a free magnetic plate for you phone for you making it easy for you to keep both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road.

As an added bonus she has a ‘Full Serve’ unlimited car wash membership at Mr Carwash with over 30 locations around Houston. The ‘Full Serve’ package includes full exterior wash and interior cleaning so you can have them clean inside and out, or just drive through the express lane for a quick exterior wash. We recommend keeping her spotless inside and out, for better rider satisfaction, better reviews, and larger tips.

Cars are equipped with a Harris County Toll Authority EZ Tag but it is much simpler if you pay cash for tolls at the booth so we don’t have the added complexity of tracking and requesting toll reimbursements.

Additionally cars are equipped with a front and rear dash cam that automatically records when there is an incident protecting you from false claims which are unfortunately very common in Houston.

You are going to fall in love and not want to bring back the car which is fine with us as we are looking for long term professional drivers who don’t have time for nonsense and want to earn.

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